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Watch this video and more on SHED FITNESS ONLINE

It's Got It All

Full Body WITH Weights • 32m

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  • Shape It Up!

    This Full Body workout almost made the "quickies" (only 20:00 long) but it is plenty long to get you burning. It has a challenging pyramid in the middle with some quick hits after. Need a set of medium weights. Amzie also has the sniffles and realizes he says "here we go" A LOT!

  • Ok, Be A Badass!

    Jase takes you through a Challenging Full Body Workout using medium weights and a bench. The bench is used for dips, so you can easily use a coffee table or stairs if you don't have a bench. This one is tough, mostly weights, we give it a level 9 burn for this one. Go Kill It!

  • Lot of Muscles, Not Much Clothing

    Misty going with a Full Body Workout with multiple weights. From light weights - medium weights. She blends in a little cardio as well. She doesn't play!