Full Body WITH Weights

Full Body WITH Weights

We usually use one set during a weighted workout. A medium set of weights will be handy. Ankle weights and or weight vests are always welcome. Workouts are usually 26:00 - 39:00.

Full Body WITH Weights
  • Rise and Freaking Shine!

    In this workout you with get a Full Body Burn using one pair of Light to Medium Weights. High reps, mild cardio but you will feel lit. A great workout to get the day started.

  • If You Want To Be Perfect!

    Jake putting you through a solid full body workout using medium (plus) weights. Focuses on perfect form and consistency. Great medium paced workout to gain strength.

  • It's Got It All

    Full Body Workout. Medium weights used. Caroline does her thing, hitting it all. Enjoy. 32:00

  • Shape It Up!

    This Full Body workout almost made the "quickies" (only 20:00 long) but it is plenty long to get you burning. It has a challenging pyramid in the middle with some quick hits after. Need a set of medium weights. Amzie also has the sniffles and realizes he says "here we go" A LOT!

  • Ok, Be A Badass!

    Jase takes you through a Challenging Full Body Workout using medium weights and a bench. The bench is used for dips, so you can easily use a coffee table or stairs if you don't have a bench. This one is tough, mostly weights, we give it a level 9 burn for this one. Go Kill It!

  • Lot of Muscles, Not Much Clothing

    Misty going with a Full Body Workout with multiple weights. From light weights - medium weights. She blends in a little cardio as well. She doesn't play!

  • Mary Lynn is Fire

    Full Body workout with medium weights. Nonstop action for a total sweat. Mary Lynn brings the energy as usual. Let's go!

  • Hand Weights For The Total Body Burn

    Total body workout with a set of light hand weights. Probably could be done without weights as well. Fire it up and let's get after it!

  • Lean Queen

    Full Body Workout with Caroline using a lighter set of weights. Booty, Legs, Arms, You Got It! Want more a little more heat, add ankle weights. 29:20.

  • Full Body (no wts optional / small wts ) amzie2

    Full Body Ripper. Will use a very light set of weights (if available) and an elevated surface (bench).

  • Top to Bottom

    Caroline produces another burner. Top to Bottom, strength with a blend of cardio! Total Blaster.

  • Partner Fun Workout

    This workout can be done with a partner. You can also do it solo (or with an imaginary friend). They use medium weights in this challenging but fun workout.