Upper Body Workouts

Upper Body Workouts

Getting busy on muscles from the waist up. We may use weights or only body weight to work the: Chest, Back, Arms, Shoulders and Abs. These workouts last from 25:00-32:00. Get After It!

Upper Body Workouts
  • All Weights... More Dates

    This is a causal paced workout that hits the entire upper body. You will need one set of medium weights. No cardio in this workout. A solid "strength based" format.

  • Charms and Some Cack.

    Amzie Will Hit CHEST, ARMS, CARDIO AND BACK. OH YEA, ABS. Get Sweaty on this one.

  • Your Top Is Nice!

    Jase brings it with this quick upper body burner. Medium weights used and a good attitude. Little bit of abs included at the end.

  • Chest, Shoulders, Back, and ABS!

    Upper Body workout with not much cardio. Amzie uses medium weights to get through this 30:00 pump.

  • Upper, Core, Cardio Challenge.

    No weights needed for this. A 15:00 workout that can be pushed to 21:00, 24:00 or even 30:00. Core, Cardio, Chest and Shoulders by Amzie.
    3:00 EMOMS x 5 Rds. Keep Going if you are feeling good!