Lower Body Workouts

Lower Body Workouts

We will hit those legs, butt, calves, so you can rock those jean shorts. Some workouts have weights, some don't. Don't ever skip leg day.
Let's go!

Lower Body Workouts
  • Dana Booty and Abs

    Dana will have your booty and your abdominals screaming after this workout. 28:32 is the total time. One Booty Band Used. Could Use Ankle Weights.

  • Ripped Legs!

    Jase with some weights. Getting after it with this quick, lower body workout. He uses medium weights to complete this stinger that will have your legs getting looks.

  • Leg Day!! with Amzie

    Lower Body Workout With Medium Weights and a Touch of Abs at the end. About 28:00 Worth!

  • Low For Show

    This one is all lower-body with abs at the end. Caroline doesn't play with her steady and consistent pace. This workout uses medium weights and is over 32:00 in duration. Caroline loves to rock the legs.

  • Anytime Anywhere Low Flow

    Lower Body Without Weights! Just Fire It UP and Get Busy! Almost 30:00 burner from Caroline.

  • Leg Day With Coach Jake

    Jake is thorough and steady with this Leg Workout that is over 32:00. He uses 1 Heavy Weight to preform many exercises. Have something handy to add resistance.

  • Legs For Days.

    Lower Body Burner without using weights. Perfect for traveling. Ankle weights are always welcome. Get after it.

  • Squats and Lunges with Amzie

    Working everything from the waist down. Squats, lunges etc. Using Medium Weights. Look Good in Shorts.

  • Short... Shorts!

    Leg Day Quickie. Jase slinging out a fast pace leg burner. He uses medium weights to complete. It's less than 20 minutes. You got this!

  • Leg Day Quickie (Partner Option)

    You can do this with our without a partner. Great, quick lower body workout. Fun to do with a partner. Fun to do without ;) Medium plus weights.

  • Leg Day With Ellie

    No Weights Needed But You Could Add Ankle Weights For An Additional Burn. What's In Store: Reverse, Curtsey Lunges and Side Lunges. Single Leg hamstring Exercises and Booty Work. No Cardio. Minimal Core Work. Just Legs Baby.